Summer Schedule Form

We are excited about what’s to come at Especially for Children this summer! We plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, taking advantage of the warmer weather months. You may see…


• Your child’s teachers reading stories on the playground rather than in the classroom.
• Science activities adapted to the nature we can experience outside.
• Water days, bike days, and other special activities that make summer such a special time of year.


Children will learn through hands-on experiences and activities. Our gardens will continue to play a large role in our summer curriculum as well; we will plant, grow, harvest, and taste healthy fruits and vegetables. Stay tuned for more information on summer happenings as well as purchase information for our summer t-shirts. If you have any summer vacations planned, please fill out the form below to let the director(s) know what dates your child will be gone.


We can’t wait to celebrate summer with you and your family!

Summer Vacations Form

  • Please choose the center your family attends.