Creative Curriculum Study: Balls

About This Project



  • Pictures of people using balls (sports, construction, hobbies, toys, food, etc.)
  • Journal how a child uses balls
  • Read a book about balls (i.e. Play Balls)
  • Follow a recipe for making cookies, meatballs, etc.
  • Follow sequential directions (1st, 2nd, 3rd) (e.g. using cotton balls to make a snowman)


  • Count/chart:
    • How many times does it bounce?
    • Same/different height
    • Different shapes/sizes/colors
    • Ramp activity in Block area: Explore different objects/shapes. What rolls?
  • How can we make this move?
    •             Various weight/size ball?
    •             Different techniques for moving (can you push it? Use a stick?)
    •             How does it change on different surfaces?
  • Circumference
    •             Measure with yarn or string and compare
  • Who uses balls? Sports? Jobs?
  • How can we sort the balls?
  • How many different ways can we use the balls?

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Early Childhood Video: Investigating Balls