Priscilla Williams: People

EFC Founder

Especially for Children

Passion: People


I have always liked being with people – old, young and in between. Some of my best childhood memories are of spending time with my grandfather, Gaga, who lived to be 96 years old. In high school I was able to spend a year in Japan as an exchange student. There I became a part of a Japanese family with a grandmother, father, mother and three sisters. It was so easy to love and be loved by them. In college I struggled with what I should study – so many things interested me. But when I took a class in child psychology, something clicked. It was so fascinating to learn about how children develop and what things help them thrive. I decided that whatever I ended up doing with my life, having a better understanding of people would be a good thing.


Now I have spent my adult life surrounded by people. I value the times I have with family. Our extended family is close and supportive. I love thinking that Especially for Children is a “people place” where children and adults build bonds. I never would have imagined how wonderful it feels to have had all five of our grandchildren be EFCers. And with them I have the continued enjoyment of trying to figure out what makes them tick – and how I can encourage them in their life journeys.