Jamie Kittleson: Photography

EFC Teacher Since: 2007, EFC Assistant Director Since: 2018

Especially for Children – Eden Prairie

Passion: Photography

Passion is photography and my focus has been views from our boat.  I got married two years ago and we were planning on going on a vacation in 2020 and due to the pandemic we were not able to go.  We decided  to take our honeymoon money and invest it into a boat.  An opportunity came up where we got interested in vintage Glastron boats as our friend was into it as well.  We were able to purchase a 1987 CVX16 Glastron from a man who had it stored in a barn for 20 years.  It was in such great condition that we purchased it and it has been such a fun adventure for us.  It is  not a big boat, so it is hard to have a group of people on it.  We call it our honeymoon boat as every time we go on it is like a vacation or honeymoon. Our favorite time of day is to go out when the waters are calm and the sun is setting.  All these pictures have been taken by my phone, but I do have a great camera and dabble in photography as a side gig.