Anna Wilson: Baking

EFC Director Since: 1994

Especially for Children – Edinborough

Passion: Baking

I really enjoy baking.  I bake everything from cinnamon rolls, to cookies and breakfast breads… I love the process of baking,  the yummy smells and of course the finished products as they come out of the oven.


I grew up in Sweden and in Sweden we take baking very seriously. We gather for “fika” (coffee or tea with some type of baked treat daily and sometimes several times a day!) Also, it is a well known fact in Sweden that it isn’t a good party unless you have seven kinds of baked goods (rolls, cookies, etc) to offer your guests.  Whew!!


I would definitely say that my passion for baking come from my grandmothers, who were both excellent bakers and baked everything from scratch.  Grandmother Maja’s banana cake and my other grandmother Agda’s cinnamon rolls and “bonna kakor” were my favorites growing up.  I even got a tin of “bonna kakor” for Christmas one year!  My mom baked bread and the best cinnamon rolls from scratch when I was growing up.  My younger sister and I enjoyed baking muffins, scones and chocolate-balls at an early age.  My sister is now phenomenal at sourdough breads and rolls, and bakes weekly for her family.  I actually attempted my first sourdough bread last year, during quarantine, and was pretty happy with the results.  My absolute favorite thing to bake are “lussekatter” or saffron buns, which I bake every December for St Lucia day.


Baking is a passion of mine and I indulge whenever possible.   Of course, it is difficult not to eat all those yummy treats as they come out of the warm oven… but that’s another story😊😊. I’m happy to have our center staff to share with!