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When I was young, I was fortunate to have my parents introduce me to the joys of travel. I have been hooked ever since. For me, travel is a way to learn about the world and connect with others, and in doing so learn more about myself. It starts with the preparation – when there is a trip on the horizon, I try to read as much as I can about the place I am headed. The history, the culture, the people. My husband loves the logistics of travel so he spends his preparation time mapping routes and reading train schedules. Doing this planning together allows us to extend the excitement of the trip – what may be a weeklong trip extends into months of dinner table chatter and traded notes in travel books.


I have gotten to travel on short pleasure trips, as well as for longer stays for school/work. Perhaps the greatest gift that travel provides is the opportunity to connect with new people and in doing so learn more about their lives, their cultures and their passions. In every place I have traveled I have met incredible people who have shared their stories with me, opened their homes to me, cooked incredible meals for me, the list goes on. These personal connections have taught me so much about the world, about the unique values of others, and about the common humanity that ties us all together.


I can’t wait to share my love of travel with my own children, and I hope that someday they too will have the chance to explore the world and be embraced by incredible and generous people near and far.