Toddler Program

Especially for Children’s Toddler Program builds upon the Infant Program by introducing new activities and learning opportunities that foster the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of your child. We use the Creative Curriculum, a play-based learning curriculum, in our Toddler Classrooms. Read more about the Learning Curriculum here, and learn more about the benefits of play-based programs in our Parent Resources section.


The Creative Curriculum for toddlers will help your child extend his/her communication and social skills, learn new thinking skills and practice movement through play. Teachers develop lesson plans based on the emerging skills and interests of the children in their classrooms. There is also time in the day for child-initiated play and discovery. As in the Infant Program, we use the Baby Connect mobile application to stay in touch with you throughout the day. We hold parent/teacher conferences two times a year to discuss your child’s progress toward age-appropriate developmental goals. Learn more about the Toddler Program in the tabs below.

Your child will gain new skills through a variety of enrichment activities. Learn more about our Curriculum and Program Goals. Your child will engage with teaching staff and socialize with one another while:

  • Playing with Toys
  • Dabbling in Art
  • Imitating and Pretending
  • Enjoying Stories and Books
  • Tasting and Preparing Food
  • Exploring Sand and Water
  • Having fun with Music and Movement
  • Going Outdoors

We are excited to use Baby Connect at our centers. Baby Connect is website and mobile application that allows parents and caregivers to log and share information about a child’s day in a digital format. Infant and toddler teachers use a tablet to record daily activities and take photos – parents can connect in real-time through the app, the website or via email. Baby Connect is available in the infant and toddler rooms of all of our centers.