About Us

At Especially for Children, we feel privileged to partner with you in promoting the growth and development of your child. Our caring and professional staff will develop meaningful relationships with your child—and with you. We seek to create a community where you can also connect with other families in this fun and busy time of life.


We are a family and locally-owned organization, established in 1976. Especially for Children grew out of a dream that child care centers can provide the foundation for a child’s love of learning and be an extension of a family. In relating to employees, parents, and children, we are guided by the same principles that contribute to a healthy family:

  • Trust and openness
  • Respect and affirmation
  • A balance between flexibility and structure
  • Adaptability and spontaneity
  • Support of individuality and self-reliance
  • A spirit of cooperation
  • An atmosphere of warmth and caring
  • A sense of humor

EFC Founders Steve and Priscilla Williams with their grandchildren.

Learn more about our philosophy of child development through our video, and feel free to contact us with any questions about our programs. We look forward to getting to know you and your family!