What to Grow: A Pizza Garden

by Angie Williams

After the long winter we had, any activity that our family can participate in outside in the sunshine sounds like an excellent idea. I have never been known for my green thumb, and in fact always feel a bit guilty when given a plant by a friend because it’s not likely to last long under my care. However, after reading this blog post on gardening with children, I’m inspired to try out a pizza garden with our girls this summer.

They love pizza and fortunately (or unfortunately), we have the perfect, large area of dirt to cover up with a raised garden (I may have gotten a little ambitious last fall, digging up all kinds of Creeping Charlie. :)). As noted in the blog post, gardening helps children develop curiosity and responsibility. It teaches them about science and the growth cycle, and they can learn math concepts by charting and graphing the garden’s progress. With a bit of family effort and some luck, I am hoping our pizza garden will look as good as this one:

But even if it doesn’t, I know we will value the experience!