Limits, Consequences, and the Development of Self-Regulation

Parenting with firm rules, consistent and calm enforcement, limited negotiation, and plenty of warmth will help both our kids and our own mental health the most.  — Erin Walsh

After the busyness of the holiday season, it can be a transition for both parents and children to get back to the regular routine. As parents, we may need to re-establish certain boundaries and expectations that were eased over the last month. But this can be challenging work, and according to child development expert Dr. David Walsh, many of us fall into some common pitfalls when it comes to limits and consequences.

I know this firsthand as last night when our toddler came downstairs after bedtime, my parenting choices resulted in at least 3 on the list of “7 Common Parenting Pitfalls on the Road to Limits and Consequences,” including Repetition, The Emotional Rollercoaster, and Ping-Ponging. It was not a pretty sight!

The post on Dr. Dave’s Mind Positive Parenting site reminded me of different choices I could have made in that moment. Read the article to learn more about the common pitfalls, their consequences and alternative strategies here.

— Angie Williams