Staff Spotlight: Bernie Busch

IMG_0840Bernie Busch, EFC Edina/W 70th Street

Bernie Busch joined Especially for Children 26 years ago and currently teaches preschool at EFC’s Edina/W 70th location. We are so appreciative of his dedication to the field of early childhood education and his positive attitude. Read more about Bernie below!

Tell us a bit about yourself…
I enjoy gardening very much – trying out different plants and bulbs and tweaking the garden. During the summer I attend a powwow or two as I enjoy learning about Native American culture. Then of course I can’t pass up a good book sale – I enjoy sharing the artwork of children’s books with the class.

What do you think is special about working with children?
I especially enjoy the age of children I’m working with because they are interested in learning and are able to pick up on skills and concepts so quickly. Everything is new to them. What we think is an old song is new to their ears. It’s exciting to see how their drawings and printed names change through the years.

What unique qualities or skills have you brought to EFC/the classroom over the years?
I think patience, caring, and a good sense of humor go a long way in this field. Being able to come down to the child’s level and teach, not preach, is important. Being present and there consistently is of great value to the child and the organization.

How has child development changed since you started in the field? What has stayed the same?
Although the term “daycare” has diminished since I started and replaced with terms such as development and academy, I believe the word “care” is still of importance. We are here to care for your child in every way. Children still need a lap to sit on and a shoulder to cry on to help make things better.

Do you have any special thoughts and memories of your time with EFC you would like to share?
I enjoy working at EFC because the company is always making efforts to improve service to the families here. Also, providing opportunities to help educate staff and help them grow is of great value. I, as a teacher, am able to bring my own interests into the classroom. Many know I enjoy helping monarch butterflies so I am able to present a unit on monarchs each summer and I appreciate that.

Reflecting on some of the fun times working with several past co-workers and continuing friendships with them to this day is pretty special to me. I also think back to my first EFC Christmas party back in the late 80’s. Even though I just started several weeks earlier, I experienced a nice welcome feeling among many strangers and it seemed to tell me this is a good place to be.