Social Development: Compassion and Empathy

Social Development: Compassion and Empathy

“Children may be born with the predisposition for learning how to have positive relationships with others. But if and how that predisposition is developed depends on their experience with others…”

– Diane E. Levin

At EFC, teachers are dedicated to encouraging children’s social development. The ability of children to get along and empathize with others is a incorporated into Minnesota’s Kindergarten Entry Development Checklist and, as we all know, is a vital life skill. And yet, as many of our personal interactions are being replaced by interactions with technology, we risk losing opportunities to provide children with experiences that help them learn and practice their social skills. The following articles provide great insights into helping children develop socially:

Compassion Deficit Disorder: What causes it? What can we do about it?

Getting Along Together: Developing social competence in young children