Let’s Move!!

Let’s Move!!

Here are some great activities to get children of all ages moving (Courtesy of Deb Lund, Occupational Therapist from the Hopkins School District).
Push and Pull Activities 

  • Push Toys (toy shopping carts, baby strollers, trucks)
  • Push a cart or box (filled with toys or books) across the room
  • Pull a wagon (with toys or books in it to provide more resistance) 
  • Tug-of-war activities (can use a towel, rope, scarf, pool noodle)
  • Row Your Boat (sit facing each other, hold hands, and rock forward and back while pushing and pulling each other and singing)
  • Place a doll or other toy in a blanket and have your child give the toy a ride by pulling it around the room

Lifting, Carrying, Reaching Activities

  • Have your child help you carry groceries into the house (even if it’s only one item)
  • Encourage your child to reach up and put toys away on higher shelves
  • Place paper or coloring pages on an easel providing an upright surface in which to draw or color

“Crashing/Falling” Activities

  • Take turns with your child “falling” into a beanbag chair or onto cushions

“Squishing” Activities

  • Play “sandwich games” taking turns being the bread and the filling ~ using beanbags, cushions, or pillows as the bread, one of you lies down between the bread while the other gently “presses” the sandwich together
  • Play with play dough, clay, or bread dough (squishing, pulling, rolling)
  • Play in wet sand (scooping, building, filling pails)

General Movement Activities

  • Animal Walks (bear, elephant, alligator, etc.)
  • Wheelbarrow Walks – holding the child near the hips provides more support, holding the child closer to the ankles provides less support.
  • While in wheelbarrow position, encourage the child to pick up items and place into a container.
  • Obstacle Courses (set up an obstacle course for your child encouraging crawling, knee walking, jumping under, over, and between objects) – can be set up with household items such as cushions, chairs, tables, etc.
  • Balance Activities (balance while standing on one foot, walk along a balance beam, walk up and down curbs or uneven surfaces)
  • Playground – climb, swing, slide
  • Play catch or kick ball
  • Jump on a small trampoline or jump off low surfaces
  • Bowling – using heavier ball or beanbags, roll or toss to knock down pins, empty milk cartons, or other objects
  • Scavenger Hunt – hide items around the room (placing them up high and down low), have your child carry a bag or bucket and go around the room locating the items and placing them in the bag/bucket