Star Wellness in Action

Star Wellness in Action

On Saturday, October 6th over 50 people entered races in the Medtronic Twin Cities Family Events with the Especially for Children team. This was the third year that EFC has participated and each year our numbers have grown. Although it was a chilly morning, people dressed for the weather and had a great time. Here’s what a few of them had to say about the morning.

Darci Olson, Toddler teacher at EFC Edina:

“This was the first year I participated. I liked it. Everyone walking together was very motivating. I liked the metal too!”

Wade Demmer, Dad from EFC Coon Rapids:
“I’ve been a runner for a long time. I first ran the Twin Cities Marathon and qualified for the Boston Marathon. The whole family went to Boston to watch me. The kids really enjoyed the entire experience. We decided to start signing them up for some local races. We have found that it is really fun for them to cheer for us in our races, and then for us to cheer for them in their races.”

Lachlan Demmer, Preschooler from EFC Coon Rapids:

“I liked the race because I like to run. I like being with other kids. My Daddy, Mommy, Ruby and Grandma and Grandpa all cheer for me when I run.” Lachlan sometimes runs on the track at the Y too.

Kathy Smart, Director at EFC Bloomington:
“This was my first 5K. I got to run with my sisters which was great bonding. It was really good exercise and it was rewarding.”

Jackson Jakobe, Preschooler from EFC Edina:  
Jackson’s dad said that their family liked the event because it promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. Last year Jackson participated in the Diaper Dash and this year in the Toddler Trot. “He thought it was awesome because he got a metal. It’s always fun to see what other kids do and how they react. The next day we watched Mommy run the 10 mile race.”

Cami Sain, Director from Circle Pines:
“It was an amazing feeling to accomplish something so huge! Last year my sister and I did the 10K. This year we chose the 10 mile. Next spring we are signed up to do a Half Marathon in Fargo! I love how we incorporate Star Wellness into our daily schedule at Especially for Children. We’re helping children build habits that are becoming a part of their normal routines.”