Routines Matter for Children – And for All of Us

Routines Matter for Children – And for All of Us

I recently came across this interesting post from the new Teaching Strategies blog. It discusses the importance of routines for children, especially during times of stress. The author writes:

“Providing consistent routines, whenever possible, gives children certainty, something they can count on, and something they can trust will happen.

…The predictability of routines can help to reduce stress. Making a routine a nurturing experience can provide children with extra emotional support and a stronger connection with a trusted loved one. A special family ritual, can give children something to look forward to.” 

At Especially for Children, we build routines into our daily and weekly schedules including meal times and rest times. Teachers have their own special routines that they incorporate into the day. As the post describes, routines help all of us make sense of and feel comfortable in our world. In times when life feels unpredictable and out of control, routines are especially important as they help us maintain a sense of security.

What routines has your family established that you and your children value?