What children learn through art

What children learn through art

Most young children naturally delight in art.  They love the process of applying paint to paper, gluing things together, and pounding a lump of clay. Art enables children to learn many skills, express themselves, appreciate beauty and have fun – all at the same time!!

Children start experimenting with art materials in our infant classrooms.  They learn that in art, “right” is whatever a child wants it to be.

Infants express themselves through color, motion and texture.  Art helps them develop eye-hand coordination and develop their small muscle skills. These are the same muscles that they will later need to use when learning to write!

Children in our toddler and preschool classrooms are given a variety of materials with which to create their own unique artwork.  Through their art, children express how they feel, think and view the world.  Art is an outlet that lets children convey what they may not be able to say in words.

Involvement with a rich variety of art materials instills confidence and pride. Through art children use their creativity to plan, design and construct an idea.  They experiment with form, line, movement, shapes and spatial relationships.

They learn science and math skills as they  manipulate materials.  And when seeing the art produced by their classmates, they learn to respect the artistic expression of others.

At Especially for Children we understand that in art, the process is important, not the product.  We encourage creativity and applaud their unique creations.

See some of our artists at work in this month’s video!