New Blog Feature: Video!

New Blog Feature: Video!

Physical development is one of the core components of our early childhood program at Especially for Children. As children participate in physical activities, they are also developing cognitively and socially. Watch three different age groups dance to the music of the I AM MOVING I AM LEARNING curriculum and note how all the age groups are learning in the different ways listed below.

Toddlers are:

  • having fun while they move their bodies
  • participating in their own ways, at their own paces
  • learning to follow directions

Young preschoolers are:

  • following directions
  • learning new vocabulary
  • moving their bodies in new ways (faster, slower, up and down)

Older preschoolers are:

  • using their imaginations
  • socializing and cooperating as partners
  • becoming skillful at dance moves and learning rhythm, all while following instructions

For the next several months on our blog, we will feature video from our different centers and will discuss the ways children are developing and learning. We hope you enjoy, and we love to hear your comments!