Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts

There are many resources for finding unique holiday gifts, but I thought you might enjoy browsing through this site that features Minnesota-made items.{A9AF0B41-CB21-4B22-8771-C70D379BDF7D}

Minnesota Monthly’s December issue also features Minnesota–made holiday gifts. And don’t forget to check out your local art centers that often have wonderful items for sale.

As you are purchasing gifts for your children, remember some of the old classics that children love such as building blocks, clay, art supplies, books, and objects that imitate what adults use like trucks, dolls and dishes. Then think about how you can expand the play opportunities for those items by adding props from your cupboards. For instance, if your child becomes bored with a dump truck, bring out a plastic laundry basket and a cookie sheet to use as a ramp. Now your child can create a two story garage for his/her truck.

A few pots and pans or plastic containers with a wire whip and large spoon are just what is needed to whip up a wonderful meal for you or their dolls. Don’t forget how much children love to dress up. Instead of giving all your old clothes away, wrap some of them up to give to your child for his/her prop box. Include a brightly colored boa, scarves or some hats and shoes and your child will know just what to do with them! By expanding your thinking beyond the widely advertized toys that are often one-dimensional and unimaginative, you can give your child gifts that are affordable and will provide hours of creative play. Have fun thinking outside the box this holiday season!

Let us know if you have found any great gifts for children in different age groups!